Single Project

Acoustic Barrier with artist Carlos Cruz-Diez

Year: 2010

Location: Zurich

Category: Product Design

Our concept develops from the clear structural logic of the physical and environmental requirements defined in the design brief.  The proposal enhances the user experience with a visual and acoustic rhythm that combines a dynamic play of light, shadow, colour and transparency with an optimal acoustic form. We conceived it as an installation that responds to sound while engaging with the pedestrian as well as passenger vehicle users that navigate by it every day.

The sculptural and colour language we have chosen is defined by tapered “L” shaped louvers that promote improved acoustics on either side of the structure – using an irregular profile at regular intervals the rhythm of light and shadow form a visual sound wave of different densities along its lerlosngth with transparent, partially transparent and opaque sections working in harmony with the colour field to allow different perceptions of the wall subject to the viewers position advancing from the left to the right or right to left. The proposal changes throughout the day and will have a different nocturnal quality through a lighting scheme that will accent secondary and tertiary colours.

The proposal was shortlisted.