Single Project

Villa MdM

Year: 2002

Location: Sotogrande

Category: Residential

This project combines a rich mix of spaces inspired by the local vernacular architecture with a modern vocabulary of light and transparency.

The site, a 3,750sqm riverside location with views out towards the sea on the south-east and a wide expanse of river front on the east, allows uninterrupted views of the water throughout the day. The scheme is composed of a series of open courtyards and internal volumes enveloped by terraced garden spaces which offer a variety of indoor and outdoor living areas to enjoy throughout the year.

Water features within the courtyards as well as a dramatic infinity pool to the south are the focus of the intimate scale spaces where light and shadow are complemented by the sound of water.

The entertaining and living spaces are focused on larger landscape elements that visually link the interior with the generous exterior spaces of the garden and beyond. The first floor offers generous bedrooms with en-suite bath and dressing rooms as well as terraces and a library/media room.

Traditional masonry construction is combined with an elegant palette of materials that includes lime render, timber louvres and stone paving that together form a remarkable architectural experience and luxurious home.